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The glass of the future
Made of silicone, with an in-build chip

A silicone glass with a technological soul to free our seas and cities from the inexorable invasion of single-use plastic. Known as Pcup, it was designed by 27-year-olds Lorenzo Pisoni and Stefano Fraioli from Liguria. This brilliant idea soon developed into the establishment, in 2018, of a start-up of the same name, resulting in the sale of more than 10,000 cups in just over one year. And now, the venture has been strengthened further by an online equity crowdfunding campaign which, from March to May 2019, achieved the maximum collection target of 450,000 Euro, convincing 238 investors to believe in Pcup. And all in perfect time for the ban on single-use plastic established by the European Union and due to kick off in 2021.

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But why opt for silicone? And in what does the cup’s hi-tech soul consist? The material offers the cup levels of flexibility that comply with the stringent safety standards of major public events: it bends without breaking, and can even be carried around in a pocket. These characteristics are shared neither by glass nor by rigid plastic, which is why these materials have been banned at major concerts and matches, where single-use plastic reigns supreme.

The business model

Then there is the secret of the chip built into the base, which transforms the cup into an IoT device: by connecting it to your smartphone via an app, you can make payments online, thus skipping the checkout queues, while organisers can collect valuable data on consumption habits and develop personalised offers. The Pcup business model introduces a 2.0 version of the practice of returning empties: the cup is supplied at the entrance to an event subject to a deposit, and at the exit you can choose whether to return it and get your money back or keep the cup and reuse it, both at home and on the move.

“A range of services revolve around the cup”

“Single-use plastic items make up 70% of the waste found at sea,” explained Philosophy graduate Lorenzo Pisoni, founder and CEO of Pcup. “Abandoning the use of disposable items brings instant savings in terms of cleaning and disposal costs, and, in some administrations, also in terms of waste tax. However, we do not just provide an ecological cup. We also deliver a range of services via our app, such as digital payments, analysis of consumption and sales data, and management of the customer community through exclusive content and push notifications.”

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• Networking & Business We provide networking and business opportunities through corporate communication and events.

• Companies as Media We help our clients to communicate themselves through multi-channel editorial plans.

• Value Chain Besides advisory, we deliver services in the field of content, media relation, social networks, events and – through our partners – open innovation, tech transfer, digital marketing, multimedia.


Founding Partners

Luca Barbieri





Journalist, passionate about innovation, entrepreneur, TV presenter, teaches journalistic language at the University of Padua. Worked for over 10 years at RCS, contributing to the creation of Corriere Innovazione. Curated the series “Le guide di Corriere Imprese” and the book “Vertical Innovation”. Consultant for companies operating in the field of research and technology transfer. His mission is to build bridges and connections. By all means necessary.

Domenico Lanzilotta





Professional journalist and co-founder of Blum, years of experience in the print media. Has been helping organisations leverage their communication to stimulate business for over ten years. Currently training numerous companies and professionals. Author of “Sul filo dell’innovazione. Visioni e soluzioni per le PMI che sfidano il futuro” (Guerini) and of several publications on the subjects of smart-working and reputation.

Francesca Ponzecchi





PR professional dealing with the planning and execution of networking events and strategies for more than twenty years. Worked for ten years in the marketing management of multimedia editorial systems for local sections of the Corriere della Sera. Passionate about innovation, contributed to the creation of Corriere Innovazione and Corriere Imprese. Believes in the value of relationships and synergies to develop sustainable businesses.


Enrico Albertini





Professional journalist since 2009, at Blum since 2014. Creates, elaborates and coordinates cross-media editorial projects. Holds a degree in communication, and master’s in journalism, and has worked with numerous newspapers, including Il Mattino di Padova and Corriere del Veneto. Has worked for companies and trade associations such as Confindustria Padova and Regione Veneto. Is also the spokesman for the rector of the University of Padua.

Giulia Cimpanelli





Journalist, carries out media advisoring and social media relations for Blum. Has contributed to the Corriere della Sera for ten years, mainly on L’Economia and Corriere Innovazione, of which she is social media manager. Is part of’s social team and has written for numerous titles: Startupitalia, Millionaire, Donna Moderna, TTG Italia, Glamour, Myself, Iodonna and others. With Talent Garden has organised every edition of Festival Supernova.

Massimiliano Cortivo





Journalist, for thirteen years an editor for the Corriere del Veneto, regional section of the Corriere della Sera. At Blum since spring 2017. Degree in foreign languages and literature at Ca’ Foscari University, currently coordinates the entire editorial operation, carrying out strategic consultancy work for clients as well as media advisoring. Devises cross-media editorial plans and manages media relations at international events.

Alessandro Di Stefano





Free lance journalist, carries out news and social communication for Blum. Since 2018 editor at StartupItalia. Experience in environmental journalism: since 2014 editor in Rivista BC e since 2017 social media manager and editor at FIAB (Federazione Italiana Ambiente e Bicicletta). A graduate in History and a master degree in Journalism at Università IULM of Milan.

Andrea Fasulo





Skilled as freelance journalist and copywriter, he is responsible for Content Strategy and Content Production at Blum. A graduate in contemporary history, worked in the field of cultural heritage, contributed as a freelance to numerous publications, such as the daily business newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, and gained experience in media relations as a freelance and working for communication agencies.

Alexander Ginestous





Journalist, graduated in communication from the University of Verona. At Blum since 2018, he carries out press office, media relations and social media management duties for companies and events. Also manages the growth of cross-media editorial projects. He is a freelance contributor to the Alto Adige daily and he undertakes journalistic work for several sporting websites affiliated to the Gazzetta dello Sport.

Andreas Inama





At Blum since 2019. Mainly entrusted with project coordination and organizational tasks. Degrees in Translation Studies as well as Media and Communication. Former Live-Team-supervisor and editor at the sports news platform of Perform Media Group (now DAZN Group), then Marketing Manager at Pro-Tec Italia before working as a free-lance journalist al Salto, translator and writer.

Sara Menaldo





At Blum since September 2018, scouts the entrepreneurial landscape for events connected to innovation, then takes care of their PR. Holds a degree in languages, literature and modern culture and a master’s in creative development and management of cultural activities, which puts her in contact with the reality of event management, the development of cultural projects, regional promotion and storytelling.

Silvia Pagliuca





Professional journalist, coordinates cross-media editorial projects and carries out media advisoring for companies. A graduate in communication at IULM University in Milan, with a master’s in social, political and institutional communication management and a IULM - Mediaset master’s in journalism. Writes about innovation, work and sustainability for newspapers and magazines in the relevant fields. Has worked with Blum since 2018.

Giacomo Porra



#Video making


At Blum since 2020, he creates cross-media content, alternating between writing and video creation. Born in 1996, he graduated in Communication at the University of Padua, and he is always on the lookout for new, creative, moving and engaging forms of communication.

Mara Scotto





Project Manager, for Blum coordinates projects and events and develops new business matching opportunities. Holds a degree in literature, and for over ten years was a product manager of the Campania and Puglia editions of the Corriere del Mezzogiorno, regional sections of the Corriere della Sera, owned by the RCS group. Has lived and worked in Milan for seven years.

Giulio Todescan





Professional journalist, at Blum since 2015, coordinates cross-media editorial projects and carries out media advisoring, press office tasks and media relations for companies. A graduate in communication, contributed for ten years as a freelance to numerous publications, such as the daily newspaper Corriere del Veneto from the RCS group. Is among the promoters of the “Working Title Film Festival” and has directed two documentaries.

Erika Zaniolo





At Blum since October 2019. Holds an high school diploma of accountancy. Worked for twelve years in a travel agency in Padua. Mainly looks after the administrative aspects of the company. Provides secretarial support to the newsroom and event organisers.


• Advisoring
We analyse our clients’ potential and devise tailor-made solutions.

• Communication strategy
From first request to concrete action, we plot the most efficient course towards reaching the goal.

• Editorial plan
Various platforms and a single director for storytelling that develops over time.

• Press office
Web, print media and broadcast (radio-TV): we transform our clients’ stories into news.

• Media relation
We are information professionals, part of a continuously developing international network of contacts.

• Corporate content
From magazines to blogs, we help our clients to become a medium by promoting and adding value to their stories.

• Social media
Each social network has its own rules. We find the best channel for every kind of content.

• Events
Format, location, panel, administration: we build events from A to Z.

• Networking and matching
We create meeting opportunities to facilitate business opportunities.

• Multimedia live reporting
A newsroom which can describe what happens through texts, images and videos.


We care for our stories all around the world



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