Business as a medium
Blum is a consulting firm specialized in promoting and communicating business and innovation

Blum US

Blum’s US branch is based in Miami, FL and is a member of the ltaly-America Chamber of Commerce South-East (IACCSE).

We are journalists, communicators, and PR professionals. Our job is to make you relevant, and newsworthy, extracting value from your stories.

Strategic consulting & corporate branding

We build corporate communications strategies capable of affirming the value of our clients’ and partners’ work. From the analysis of existing communications tools to the drafting of editorial plans, and their operational implementation.

Media relations

We are information professionals, part of an ever-evolving international network of contacts. Web, print, radio and television; we turn our clients’ stories into news.

PR & Business networking

We cultivate the public and business relations of our clients and partners, building online and offline communities that generate shared benefits.

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